After the replica watches launch of Baselworld 2017

After the replica watches launch of Baselworld 2017, I believe I officially gave up on Hublot, at least as a consumer interested in voting seriously with my dollar and adding one of their products to my collection. By that time, every possible ounce of creativity and variety had been squeezed out of the Black Bay line and, to me, it seemed like an attempt by Hublot to simply strip all the dissonant variations of design in the collection. Something has to stay, right? I don't know how many Black Bays are currently on offer, or how many formats and materials are available, and I don't really care looking for them - because it doesn't matter and it's immensely overwhelming. It's a classic case of decision paralysis for many potential clients and nothing really sets me apart. This is the part where I tell you that the Hublot Black Bay GMT changed everything for me, and it did.

About a week or two before Basel every year, social media, forums and the rest of the collective watch world begin to speculate and predict what Rolex is planning to unveil on day one. It's a tradition at this point, and our modern social media-based culture of watch enthusiasts fuels this kind of environment along with a healthy dose of trash-talking internet ... when it's needed. Yes, Rolex has released a GMT-Master II in stainless replica watches uk steel "Pepsi" and for years it will be one of the most difficult models to buy at retail. But what surprises me about this launch of this product, and the subsequent announcement of the Black Bay GMT, is the fact that for the first time in history, Hublot seemed to be sitting quietly as a direct competitor while offering something that wasn't a watered down version of a top model Rolex. This was not expected.

That's because the Hublot Black Bay GMT isn't watered at all. These are in-house production, true utility, excellent case finish, comfort, good looks and an aviation-inspired design from the same family that supported the development of pilot watches during the 'the emergence of the 1950s Jet Age and the early transcontinental flight. And, while the Hublot vs. Rolex will inevitably come out, for me, it's simply a new chapter rolex replica in history. This "story" is not something I will bore you with and now, I think it is better to go into detail.